Motor Home, Camper Van, and Large Caravan Towing Melbourne

Ready to hit the open road with your caravan, camper van, bus, mini bus or a coach, but your vehicle has a mechanical issue? Let us help you. A broken-down caravan, motor home or a broken-down vehicle that’s towing a caravan can be a nightmare for anyone. Just give us a call to help you whether you’re at home or stuck on the side of the road.

We’re large caravan towing experts, and we have a range of services to get you out of trouble. We can provide a tow to the nearest mechanic, to your home, any destination of your choice, or even take your caravan back to our own secure storage facility located in Brooklyn, Victoria.  You can rest assured that your caravan or motor home is in safe hands with us.

We are an experienced Melbourne business that provides a comprehensive solution. Not only do we provide roadside recovery, but we also offer Relocation services.

Pre-Booked Caravan Towing and Relocation

If you’re looking for a caravan, camper van, bus, mini bus or a coach towing service in Melbourne, then look no further than Red Tow. We’re the experts when it comes to caravan towing so please contact us.

Some customers have caravans that are too old to tow with a regular vehicle, so they book us to relocate it for them. This is often done when the caravan will be used on a property as an extra room or shed. Many providers find it difficult to tow a caravan, camper van, bus, mini bus or a coach or don’t have 48ft extendable super tilt slide trailer to do so. If the place you want to go is difficult to get to, this becomes even more of a problem. We’re always available to chat about what you need. Give us a call today, and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

There are many other reasons we often transport caravans. We are often asked to transport caravans when:

  • If you’re looking to buy or sell a caravan, we can help move it
  • Static caravans can be transported to a permanent campsite, home or other location
  • The caravan needs to be move into storage
  • The caravan is in need of repairs and therefore must be transported via tow truck instead of being towed by a vehicle
  • The caravan is old and needs to be thrown away at the tip
  • The caravan users have taken a one-way trip and want their caravan to be returned while they continue onward to another location
  • Transporting new caravans to their owners

24/7 Emergency Support

We know how important it is to get you and your caravan back on the road, so we’re available 24/7 to help you out.  We’ll be there as soon as possible to get you moving again. Give us a call today, and we’ll be there to help you as soon as possible. At Red Tow, our team have years of experience in caravan towing, so you can be sure that your caravan is in safe hands.