Coach and Bus Towing Melbourne

Coach and Bus Towing Melbourne
RedTow using our SuperTilt to move a Damaged Bus.

If you’re looking for bus or coach towing services in Melbourne, Red Tow is the company to call. We offer a wide range of towing services for all types of buses and coaches, including emergency towing, long distance towing, and break down assistance. No matter what your needs are, we’ll be able to help get your bus or coach back on the road.

The consequences of a bus or coach breaking down can be pretty severe. Not only is it stressful for you and your passengers, but these large vehicles can completely block up a road if they break down. We understand that it can be frustrating when your bus breaks down, which is why we’re here to help. If you need your coach transported to the nearest garage or mechanic, we will make sure that it gets there safely and efficiently. We are the towing company in Melbourne that coach drivers and operators can trust for a quick, safe, and professional tow.

Bus Towing

Our 50ft SuperTilt and Slide Trailers have no problem transporting coaches and buses of any size including:

  • School bus
  • Public bus
  • Executive coach
  • Converted bus
  • Party bus
  • Mini- bus
  • Cruiser bus

…and most other buses, coaches and large vehicles on the road.

Emergency Bus Towing

Our team is committed to giving you the best experience possible by providing professional, friendly, and efficient service at an affordable price. Breakdowns are always frustrating, but they’re especially difficult when they affect other people or your business. Our team is trained and equipped to handle any situation, so we will get your coach or bus towed promptly.

For emergency towing, we offer 24/7 assistance so that you’re never left stranded. We understand that breakdowns can happen at any time, and we’ll be there to help get you back on your way. We’re always available to help you, whether it’s late on a Saturday night, early in the morning, or on a public holiday.

We have a fleet of high-quality tow trucks that are perfect for towing buses, so we can respond to multiple vehicles at the same time. This helps us serve our customers more promptly.

Book Your Coach or Bus Towing

Some of our customers don’t need emergency assistance, they have a larger vehicle, like a coach or bus, that they need to be transported at a convenient time. We provide heavy vehicle transportation services in Melbourne and the surrounding area. Just call us to book a time that suits you.

The type of jobs we frequently cover include:

  • Buses that have reached the end of their useful life are transported to the wreckers
  • Taking broken down coaches to mechanic for repairs
  • Transporting new buses and coaches to the owner
  • We transport old or unique buses to exhibitions, shows, and other events.

We are equipped to handle buses in a variety of difficult locations, including those where vehicle access is limited or the bus itself is not operational.

Whether you need a bus towed from Melbourne or country Victoria, we can help. We have a range of vehicles and winches that enable us to cover all types of bus and coach towing jobs.

If you need bus or coach towing services in Melbourne, call Red Tow today.